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QUICKLY stride: to walk quickly, taking large steps esp. because you feel confident, angry, determined or in a hurry. march: to walk quickly with firm steps esp. because you feel angry or determined. pace: back and forth / up and down / the room / the floor. To walk backwards and forwards within a small area esp. when you are nervous, angry or bored. dart / dash: to move suddenly and quickly.

SLOWLY & RELAXED stroll: to walk for pleasure in a slow relaxed way. amble across/along/over/towards: to walk in a slow and relaxed way esp. when you are not going anywhere in particular. saunter: to walk leisurely and with no apparent aim. loiter: to move slowly or keep stopping when you should be going forward. Wait around without apparent purpose.

SLOWLY & IN PAIN OR TIRED hobble: to walk with difficulty, slowly and unsteadily because it is painful to do so. limp: to walk slowly and with difficulty, putting more weight on one leg because the other hurts or it is injured. shuffle: to walk slowly or noisily without lifting your feet esp. because old age, or because you’re wearing loose shoes. drag along: move along too slowly or with difficulty. traipse: walk or move wearily or reluctantly.

UNSTEADILY stagger: to walk unsteadily with your body moving from side to side, almost falling esp. because you’re injured, very tired or drunk. lurch: to walk very unsteadily as if unable to control one’s movements. stumble: to walk unsteadily, often hitting things with your feet and almost falling, esp. because it is dark, the ground is uneven, or because you are tired or drunk. reel: + adverb / preposition. To walk in an unsteady way, moving from side to side as if drunk. toddle: to walk with short unsteady steps as a small child does.

QUIETLY sneak: to walk quietly trying to hide from sb esp. because you don’t want to be caught. creep: to walk quietly, slowly and carefully esp. so no one notices you. tiptoe: to walk with the tip of your toes because you want to avoid making noise. lurk: to move or wait in ambush quietly or secretly. slink in / out: to walk quietly, secretly, stealthily. sidle up: to move quietly towards someone, trying not to be noticed, so that they do not realize you are there until you are next to them.

NO DIRECTION prowl: to quietly walk around an area or building trying not to be seen esp. in order to steal or attack. roam (around / about): to walk around freely with no particular aim. wander: to walk around with no particular aim or destination, with no particular direction.

TO EXERCISE trek: to make a long and difficult journey. hike: to take a long walk in the countryside.

THROUGH WATER paddle: to walk with bare feet in shallow water. wade: to walk through deep water.

PROUDLY strut: to walk proudly with your head high, shoulders back and chest forwards showing you think you are important or impressive. swagger: to walk too confidently.

HEAVILY trudge: to walk heavily and firmly, as when tired, or through mud. plod: walk with heavy steps esp. because the ground is difficult or you are carrying sth heavy.

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They along the coast.
A ruthless killer still in the darkness.
We up and down in exasperation.
Members of the Royal Legion past the church.
We are confidently towards the future.
he to his feet, swaying a little.
He was on a trek to the South Pole.
We jumped from the boat and we ashore.

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DropDown Activity

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: to move suddenly and quickly.
: walk or move wearily or reluctantly.
: to walk very unsteadily.
: to walk proudly showing you think you are important or impressive.
: to walk too confidently.
: with no particular aim or destination.
: to walk with the tip of your toes.

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