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Reported Speech


What is "Reported Speech?"

REPORTED SPEECH is the way we talk when we tell somebody what someone else said.

Consider these 3 examples.

Anna: "I can play the piano tomorrow."

What did Anna say?

REPORTED SPEECH: Anna said that she could play the piano the next day.

Messi: I hate pizza.

What did he say?

REPORTED SPEECH: Messi said that he hated pizza.

Teacher: Don't open the door!

What did she say?

REPORTED SPEECH: The teacher told me not to open the door.

Note: "that" is optional.

When we report what somebody said we may change the verb tense (can > could, hate > hated), the time and place references (tomorrow > the next day), some pronouns (I > she, I > he) or even the whole structure (don't open > not to open). Go through these sections to learn about these changes in detail.

1. Jack: We have to go back!
Jack said (that) we/they had to go back.
2. Messi: I will win the next World Cup.
Messi said (that) he would win the next world cup.
3. Jerónimo: I’m reading a book.
Jerónimo said (that) he was reading a book.
4. Tinelli: This is my house.
Tinelli said (that) that was his house.
5. Mirtha: My sister died yesterday.
Mirtha said (that) her sister had died the day before.
6. Rial to Morena: Shut up!
Rial told Morena to shut up.
7. Teacher to class: Open the door!
The teacher told the class to open the door.
8. Ironman: What are you doing?
Ironman asked what we were doing.
9. Thor: Did you like my castle?
Thor asked (me) if I had liked his castle.
10. Ironman to Loki: We have a Hulk.
Ironman told Loki that they had a Hulk.