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Do you know what these words mean?

Make sure by using a dictionary like

Ache = pain

earache, toothache, headache, stomach-ache (tummy-ache)


1 broken: ankle, collar bone, elbow, finger, nose, thumb, toe, tooth, wrist, neck, back, arm, hand, leg.
2 fractured: ankle, finger, toe, wrist, arm, leg.
3 sprained: ankle, elbow, finger, toe, wrist, shoulder.
4 swollen: ankle, ear, elbow, finger, heel, knee, nose, stomach, throat, thumb, toe, wrist, head, neck, shoulder, arm, leg, foot.
5 sore: (everything except waist and torso)
6 a pain in the: neck.


  • a bad back
  • the flu
  • a migrane
  • food poisoning
  • a cold

Listen and complete

Listen to the tape and write the words you hear. You can pause the audio.

3. (one word with hyphen)
4. (two words)
5. (two words)
6. (two words)
7. (two words)
8. (two words)

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