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Functional language: asking how someone is

Listen and complete

VICKY: Hi, Jane, how are you?
VICKY: Oh, fine, I suppose. You’re looking well, by the way.
JANE: I was off work, but I’m better now.
VICKY: Good.
JANE: But what about you?
VICKY: Thanks!
VICKY: It’s all right. It’s true; I have been a bit under the weather recently, - work, that kind of thing.
JANE: Listen, why not come round after the practice and I’ll try
VICKY: Oh, I don’t really think I’m up to it. Do you mind?
JANE: No, not at all.

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Say if these sentences are

a Asking how someone is, or commenting on how they look:
b Saying how you are or how you have been:
c Reacting to how someone is:

and send a screenshot to the teacher.

1 I’m fine (now). b
2 How awful. c
3 I’ve broken my leg.
4 I heard you’d been ill I in an accident.
5 I’ve sprained my ankle.
6 I was in an accident.
7 I’m not very well, actually.
8 I’ve been ill.
9 I’ve got ...
10 Oh, I’m pleased to hear that.
11 That’s great.
12 What happened to you?
13 Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.
14 How are you?
15 You're looking well.
16 You look terrible.
17 How about you?
18 Good.
19 Poor you.
20 Fine.
21 I had an infection.
22 I'm better now.
23 I've been under the weather.

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